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My Interview on Geek Devotions

Me and my Kaijuvision Radio co-host, Brian Scherschel, were interviewed on Geek Devotions as the grand finale for their King of the Monsters Month. The show’s host, Dallas, is one of our biggest fans and has been name-dropping us all month in his videos and podcast. I’d also contributed to a video game stream he did as part of King of the Monsters Month a few weeks ago. Learn how and why we started Kaijuvision Radio as we geek out about Godzilla!


But I Digress…, Episode 17: My Interview with Nick Hayden

“But I Digress…”
Hosted by Nathan Marchand

This episode has two special treats. First, I have a sidekick: Leo. More importantly, I have my first guest: my friend and fellow writer Nick Hayden, who’s just published a new novel entitled, “The Unremarkable Squire.” The episode is done in the style of a late night talk show. Enjoy!

Title card by Jarod Marchand.

Learn more about Nick on his website: www.WorksOfNick.com.

DToT podcast interview recorded; new e-mail subscription

Last night, I went to the home of my friend and fellow writer Nick Hayden to record an interview for the third episode of his podcast, Derailed Trains of Thought, which he hosts with our mutual friend, Tim Deal. The interview was mostly about the process of writing my novel. Not only do you get to hear some insider info about my book, but the podcast is excellent and well worth your time. I highly recommend it. The podcast with my interview will be posted next week.

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