Short Stories

Here there be stories.

“Gravedigger” – A flash fiction parable based on an illustration I heard in a sermon.
“You Are Not Alone” – A literary flash fiction. It was inspired by a piece of music from the video game, Final Fantasy IX.
“The Delivery” – A “steampunk” flash fiction. This was the product of listening to remixed music track from the video, Master Blaster, and a writers’ group challenge to write something that had to do with the year 3000.
“Baptized in Fire” – An 1,800-word science fiction/action-adventure piece I wrote for my fiction writing class my junior year of college, intending to enter it in Writers’ Digest‘s monthly short story contest (sadly, I didn’t). It was one of several short stories I’ve written that were experiments for a science fiction universe I was conceiving at the time.
“All Our Passions” – A 600-word satirical flash fiction I wrote as part of a short story contest on the Facebook page for my friend Nick Hayden’s website. The condition for the contest was to write a 600-word story where all the descriptions were told entirely through dialogue.
“The Hammer” – A 1,500-word science fiction short story I wrote for my fiction writing class my junior year of college, intending to enter it in Writers’ Digest‘s monthly “story starter” contest (sadly, I didn’t). The starter that month was “The game was over…”  The title comes from the main character’s surname, which is Hebrew for “the hammer.” It was inspired by Jewish historical figure, Judah Maccaebus.
“Bow to Your Sensei!” – A 900-word fantasy/comedy I originally wrote for a short story contest held by a blogger (you can read about how this story came about here). It served as the inspiration for the current (as of March 2011) novel I am writing.
“Love and Pac-Man” – A 1,000-word romantic comedy about a young man finding love while at an arcade. It was inspired by the concept of using a video arcade as a setting for a romantic story, and by a writers’ group challenge (you can read about that here).
“Wrestling” – A 1,000-word “magical realism” story about a small-time professional wrestler who is assailed by a mysterious opponent on the eve of going to court for a lawsuit. It was inspired by the movie, The Wrestler, starring Mickey Rourke, and by the story of Jacob wrestling with God in the Biblical book of Genesis.
“The Discarded Gift” – A 6,000-word literary story about a lonely, brokenhearted young man who finds an expensive Christmas gift that seems to have been thrown away, and he goes on a city-wide quest to return it to its owner. This was written as a “story exchange” between me and my friend/fellow writer, Nick Hayden. It’s set in a small town he created originally for a collaborative web-serial and later for an anthology of short stories he wrote. He was inspired in part by an actual event and my own experiences growing up in small towns.
“In Search of Traction” – A 2,000-word literary story about a newlywed husband having marital problems trying to get home for Christmas after his car gets stuck in a snowy ditch. I wanted to post this at Christmas, but I didn’t finish it in time. However, it still seemed appropriate since there was a super-cold blizzard the week I posted it.
“Pizza and a Pyschic” – A comedic flash fiction about a bored pizzeria employee who claims to be a psychic on the phone with a customer and (no pun intended) bites off more than he can chew. Loosely based on events in my own life.
Teatime with Elopus” – A 140-word (yes, you read that right) story I was commissioned to write for a friend as part of GISHWHES. The requirement, besides the word limit, was that it had to involve Misha Collins, the Queen of England, and the Elopus (the mascot for GISHWHES).
The Christmas Dance – A literary flash fiction about a young man trying to find the courage to ask the girl he likes to dance with him at a Christmas Eve ball before she’s stolen by a romantic rival. I mined personal experience for this one, especially since I’ve been getting into ballroom dance in the last year.

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