Where I Write:
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(the publisher of my novel)
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Family and Friends’ Websites
The Niggle
– A blog by my philosopher friend, Scott Klaus.
Thoughts of an Unpaid Game Designer – A blog by my younger brother, Josiah, an avid gamer who just graduated from Westwood College with a B.A. in game art and design. He describes his site as, “Random thoughts on game design theory, the industry, and players from a game designer with a tiny bank account…”
Jarod MarchandMy other younger brother, Jarod, an aspiring artist. This is his page on (Click his name for his page).

Writer Friends’ Websites:
Nick Hayden
A great friend and an even better writer.
Natasha Hayden
– Nick’s wife. She reviews movies and books.
Karen McSpadden (aka The Domestic Dissident)
– She writes about many things, from family to politics and so much more.
Derailed Trains of Thought – The latest iteration of the “writers’ club” I was in while attending Taylor University Fort Wayne. Nick Hayden and his friend Tim Deal hold a periodic podcast where they talk about writer-ly things.
Skunk-Guy – This is the official website for a children’s book series by Michael Wilhelm, a resident writer/actor in Fort Wayne, Indiana. Set in the 1970s, it tells the adventures of the quirkiest superhero you’ve ever seen.
Pete Semple – A young writer who just graduated from my alma mater, Taylor University. He has three blogs that he writes throughout the week:
The 24 Tasks of Pete (a chronicle of “love challenges”)
The Institute for Circular Reasoning (his humor blog)
The Perpetual Bacon Machine (a humor blog he writes with friends)
Keith Osmun – The new blog for my fellow writer and TUFW class of 2006 graduate, “The” Keith.

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