NaPoWriMo, Days 25 & 26: ‘Ballad of a Broken Heart’ and ‘Triumph of the Nerds’

I used yesterday’s prompt but not today’s. Yesterday, I had to write a ballad. I’ve never done that before, and honestly, I was disappointed with my first effort. Feel free to disagree with me, though. Then read my rather silly poem for today. Enjoy!

Day 25:
Ballad of a Broken Heart
By Nathan Marchand

I was foolish and young
When that Cupid’s arrow first stung.
Never knew a girl
Who could throw my heart for a whirl.

She promised loyalty
And I saw her as royalty.
Beautiful as a dove.
I could not help but fall in love.

But I lied to myself,
And she was shrewd like a dark elf.
She perceived how I felt,
And then left my heart with a welt.

This was my first heartbreak.
I still have the same searing ache.
My heart was torn in twain.
How can I ever trust again?

Day 26:
Triumph of the Nerds
By Nathan Marchand

I am a nerd.
Or haven’t you heard
The name you called me an insult
Became my badge of honor as an adult?

I created your favorite TV shows.
Your video games? Wrote the code for those.
You probably read a book I wrote,
And I created the smartphone you use as a remote.

You were king because you played a sport,
But your reign has been short.
The kids at whom your insults were hurled,
In the end, it was them who shaped the world.

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