NaPoWriMo, Days 18-19: ‘Unrequited’ and ‘Super-Nerd Seeking Impossible Love’

Yes, I fell behind again. Sorry!

Anyway, yesterday’s prompt was to write a poem that began and ended with the same word. Today’s was more interesting. I’m not sure how to explain it. It amounted to writing a humorously self-deprecating want-ad. I recommend reading the prompt description in the provided link.


Day 18:
By Nathan Marchand

Love is a one-way street:
I go, but she does not come.
She acknowledges my words,
But she is deaf to them.
My gifts are received,
But she never returns the favor.
We spend time together,
But I feel trapped in the “friend zone.”
She lets me carry her heavy loads,
But does not fully appreciate the gesture.
I offer hugs in time of trouble,
Yet she neglects to shake my hand.
No disease plagues a man worse
Than the sickness of unrequited love.

Day 19:
Super-Nerd Seeking Impossible Love
By Nathan Marchand

It’s a bird!
It’s a plane!
It’s Super-Nerd!
I’m a Spider-Man, 29, seeking his Mary-Jane,
Which any woman would find absurd.
So, single is how I’ll remain—
Unless you’re that rare bird
Who won’t find me insane
For quoting “Star Trek” lines you’ve never heard.
You’ll think I’m someone to disdain
When I greet you wearing a “Doctor Who” costume, how absurd.
At least I tried, though you’re a woman I can’t attain.

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