NaPoWriMo, Day 12: ‘The Devil’s Pawn’

Today’s prompt was one I wasn’t sure I wanted to do. It was to write a poem consisting of things I’d want to say, but never would, to someone I know. I went ahead and did it anyway. The person being addressed will remain anonymous for the sake of privacy. For the record, I longer associate with the person in question and the thoughts and feelings expressed herein don’t necessarily reflect my current opinions.

The Devil’s Pawn
By Nathan Marchand

You call me “narcissist,” “loser,” “predator,”
When all I ever did was love her.
Who is this man you fear will hurt her,
This man she must be protected against?
He is not I! I’ve done her no harm.
You are blind to the truth.

You think you know me,
That I’m just like the wretches
You see filling cells everyday.
But the only one I see is you:
The control freak who listens to nobody
And rules his household with an iron fist.

Only the perfect man will suit her,
So no man is worthy, in your mind.
No man except you, it seems.
Perhaps you should’ve married her
Since you are the greatest of men,
Except incest is a sin, even for you.

You dare chide me like a “brother”?
You are the Devil’s pawn,
A thorn in my side sent to torture me.
I pity you for becoming a tool.
There is no love, no trust, in you, only darkness.
You’re not my brother—he wouldn’t treat me such.

One day you will lose her in another man’s arms,
Or she will lose you to death’s cold touch.
Can you live without being the center of her universe?
Have you trained her to live without you?
Your “protection” is a prison for you both.
And you’ve left me caged by hate.

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