NaPoWriMo, Day 6: ‘Final Farewell’

Today’s prompt was to write a valediction, which is a poem of farewell. I like the one I wrote, although I don’t know if it quite qualifies as a valediction. It recounts two lovers’ happy times together until they are forced to separate and say their last goodbye. Let me know if you think it counts as a valediction.

Final Farewell
By Nathan Marchand

We met the day the Fallen had his revenge.
Summoned by Erik the Red to the halls of Valhalla
To gather with friends for food and battles and stories,
You a lovely Valkyrie and I a mighty warrior.
We allied against your brother, the devious Loki,
Winning many victories,
For in my presence, you were surer in battle.
Our partings were always jovial,
For we knew we would always meet again.

Then one night, you shared a secret with me,
And I became your brother and you my sister—
The ones we had longed for and never had.
Until the day an embrace became something more,
And we filled the night with stories.
Then two fearful hearts mingled, birthing love.
We blessed and were blessed.
Wounds were healed and joy overflowed.
We’d found the impossible: a kindred spirit.

But Odin All-Father thundered his disapproval,
Falsely accusing me of every terrible evil,
Which cut us with subtle knives,
Until our hearts were rent—
Not by his hands, but yours.
I, chained, fell to my knees
As you turned your back to me with tear-filled eyes
And we said our final farewells.
The ground opened so I could go to Hel,
Where I remain in eternal darkness.

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