NaPoWriMo, Day 3: ‘Obsession’

Today’s prompt was to write a sea shanty, but I couldn’t come up with any ideas beyond writing a sci-fi one that took place in space rather than on the sea, so I’m skipping that one. However, I’m going to keep track of each prompt I skip and write a poem for it later.

So, for today, I wrote this little thing:

By Nathan Marchand

She wants, she craves.
One act of kindness,
And she stalks him like a hunter,
Seized by a “love” that enslaves.

She worships him like a priestess,
Carving an idol of his image in her mind’s eye.
Flowery prayers, fragrant incense, and costly gifts she offers<
But dreams to give what above her short dress.

She digs in her claws
Once he finally acquiesces.
“My love is as perfect as him,”
She says, “For he has no flaws.”

Now her “god” is gone.
He left, destroying her idol.
But neither are left unscathed–
Such devotion they’ll never again know from hereon.

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